Okay this weekend

It was probably one of my favorites of all time

Woke up Friday to an invitation to go to Kemah (all my Texas peeps say yeah!) with my buddies. We ended up not going (aww) but we did go to an art show downtown, complete with belly dancers and music. Totally awesome. 

Then we went back to my friend’s house because her parents are out of town. That night…damn. That was a party. Me and Lisa (cool girl, man) got a little…loopy, and watched Dodgeball and Zoolander (movie much funnier when you’re not all there). I ended up spending two hours cleaning out her boyfriend’s pipe because it was so¬†filthy. We fell asleep at 7 am, got back up at noon on Saturday

Which was Preakness Day! Got to watch it with some of my best friends (and Lisa even payed attention!), then my bestie, Elyse, finally got home from Oklahoma. So, needless to say, we went to get her, and had an even better party last night >< (not that I distinctly remember most of it)

Which explains why I haven’t been here lately lol

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